Tesla Electric Sign Company

How It Was Made

First order of business was to stress test the mag lev unit.


CNC routing HDU foam with CAMaster Stinger II.


Routing both sides of the floating portion of the sign.


This was a test flight! We loved how the texture popped with the LED puck lights. The levitation is possible thanks to a meg lev unit.


We chose paint colors and textures that would provide the look of iron and rust to achieve an 1800's look.


Shown is acrylic letters inserted into the sign. The sign was intended to be internally lit. We changed this design to reduce weight.


The final design takes shape.


Given the choice between gold paint and gold leaf, we think Nicola Tesla would have chosen the gold leaf every time.


Reverse lettering and alabaster effect on acrylic.


Internal lighting provided by a string of LEDs.


Bas relief designs are pulled from actual Nicola Tesla patent diagrams, fed through software, and eventually routed on the Stinger II.


Base panels recieve finishing touches.


Grand reveal!


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