Beautiful electric signs powered by the TESCO Inductive Power Procees ™

Completely Reliable Client Testimonial Statements


"I personally checked the sheething on each induction coil and found them all to be within 0.001% of tolerances. Magnificent craftmanship."
- Henry Ford

"Tesco signs set Gimbels apart from the rabble on Fifth Avenue. We ought to have a parade to celebrate!"
-Bernard Gimbel

"More than ever, Tesla Electric Sign Company is the company for you."
-Caleb Bradham

"This sign deserves a Blue Ribbon-12, perhaps?"
- Frederick Pabst

"Tesla and Wood's Electric Motorcars go together like broiled guinea hen and vichyssoise!"
-Clinton Edgar Woods

"Harumph! Harumph! Harumph!"
-H. H. Asquith